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NouNou Face Time

My day in Seoul

In 2006, creative director Jae Huh and artist Jean Jullien met at Central Saint Martins, a renowned art school in London, England. The two became fast friends and then, collaborators, working on a number of projects including a collection of embroidered jumpers called "After School." A few years after graduating from CSM, the two moved into a studio together where they were able to start executing more ambitious projects. In 2016, when Jae decided to return to Korea after 11 years in London, he asked Jean if he would be interested in collaborating with him under the umbrella of his new brand, Stereo Vinyls®. The two had always been very interested in the other's countries of origin (Jae is from Korea and Jean is from France), and the chance to start dreaming up projects that could communicate between Korean and French cultures was very enticing. In 2016, they launched a small collection of sweatshirts and other ready–to–wear items featuring a series of playful facial expressions, timed to the opening of Jean's first solo exhibition in Korea at Studio Concrete. At the airport before returning to Europe, Jae and Jean promised each other that they would continue the collaboration as a Seoul–based brand. And so, NouNou was born. The name NouNou is a combination of the French world nous, meaning we, and 'NuNu,' which is the nickname that Jae's daughter gave Jean's son, Lou. All NouNou products are designed by Jean in France and developed and sold in limited quantities by Jae in Korea. The two aim to both produce and sell the collections locally — sourcing good, local materials, using friends as models, and selling the collections through limited pop–ups around Seoul and through Jae's company.

377 Sowolro, Yongsan Gu, Seoul, Korea